To become a member of DODC bring your dog (and your dog's current vaccination record) along to the Rink Van der Velde Dog Arena at the Winnellie Showgrounds on the first Monday of each month at about 7:30 pm (puppies under 6 months of age can commence on any Monday night). 

You will need to complete a Membership Application and pay the appropriate fees. 

DODC's membership year commences on 1 April each year. The end of DODC financial year is March 31st. All renewals are due on 1st Monday of training in April - anyone who has joined in January / February or March of the current calendar year do not have to renew. 

Please feel free to fill out the membership form (Membership form - Adobe version or Membership form - MS Word version) prior to attending for your first class - this will speed up the process at the 'check in' table.

New Membership:

Junior - $10.00
Single - $15.00
Double - $20.00
Family - $25.00

Renewal of Membership:

Junior - $10.00
Single - $10.00
Double - $15.00
Family - $20.00

Ground Fees:

"Ground Fee" is $20 per dog ($30 for one handler with 2 dogs) per month, payable in advance.

Bank Details:

BankSA Casuarina
BSB:    105185
Account Number:    15970440
Ensure you list your surname and Class number.

We also have an Online Payment Option

We accept card payments that will incur a processing fee of 2%.

Please note that only a financial member can handle a dog in a Class.

Juniors must have celebrated their 12th birthday and be under 17 years of age.

Call - Gloria 0400 245 619

Visit - The Rink van der Velde Dog Arena, Winnellie Showgrounds, Shean Road WINNELLIE

Post - PO Box 37938, WINNELLIE NT 0821