Why you should consider training your dog:

Most dogs are bred to do 'something' helpful to man. Not to lie around, bored out of their brain waiting for an unsuspecting pedestrian to pass by.

A well-trained dog is a joy to own. Even your neighbours will appreciate him.

A dog in training has something to do - physically, mentally and emotionally!

Training develops your own relationship with the dog and helps you to eliminate bad habits (in both of you).

Not enough dogs have been well socialised as puppies, but it is never too late to improve the situation.
Plenty of socialisation activities at the Club.

It's good for your health. Just think of all the exercise.

At the end of each month each handler and dog are assessed, and if they are working well they will progress to the next class. All handlers must be a financial member of DODC and all dogs must be fully immunised.